Stephynie Malik, CEO & Founder of SMALIK Enterprises, dedicates herself to helping executives push their businesses to the next level by delving into the needs of their teams to increase profitability, effectiveness and execution all while reducing costs and increasing revenues in the process!

With a track record of success spanning 25+ years, Stephynie utilizes her proven strategies and methodologies to create a roadmap to success tailored to each individual client’s needs.

With us, our clients:

Develop Growth-Oriented Strategies
Create and Implement Relevance Strategies
Strategies Built from an Effective Results-Driven Approach
Upgrade Top Talent Acquisition & Succession Planning
Develop Effortless Strategies for Embracing Complexity & Change
Gain Elevated Confidence & Effective Communication Skills
Develop Effective Problem-Solving Strategies
Increase Team Engagement
Create a Sustainable Work / Life Harmony
Build an Enhanced Coaching Culture
Strengthen Decisive Harmony
Build Organizational Trust
Obtain a Heightened Understanding of Risk-Taking
Improved Talent Retention
Utilize Stress Relief Tactics


We wholeheartedly believe EMPATHETIC CONNECTION is absolutely key when helping our clients achieve the growth, connection, success, and relevance they desire.

Most of the time what our clients believe to be the problem is actually a mere symptom. Sitting down with each individual team member, we dig deep into the underlying issues causing the symptoms that keep you and your team from the next level. Then with our results-driven approach we create solutions that lead to sustainable growth and connection.

Dan Williams

“Stephynie brings passion, energy, and experience to working with partners and clients that drives results, not just activity. Stephynie quickly and easily meets new people, understands their business and personal styles, and works tirelessly to solve issues while maintaining and growing the relationship beyond the immediate topic. Stephynie’s style is direct while compassionate / fun, high expectations with accountability while maintaining the human touch and driver while looking for solutions rather than just activity.”

DAN WILLIAMS, Partner & Principal at Ernst & Young