What is a Crisis ?

Cri·sis /ˈkrīsis/

  • a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

  • a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.

  • an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending — especially one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome.

  • a paroxysmal attack of pain, distress, or disordered function.

There is NOTHING good about the word crisis or its effects!

Are you in a Crisis?

A traumatic crisis is caused by a sudden, intense and unexpected event. It can occur without warning and its effects from a financial, legal, social, emotional, and health standpoint can often be disastrous…and frankly put, it can absolutely destroy lives! It truly doesn’t matter how successful you are, how much money you have, how strong you are, or your status at your job or in the community, crisis can occur in anyone’s life. I like to use the analogy of a tornado when explaining crisis. They can be unexpected, if you’re lucky you have just minutes to react, the associated stress, anxiety and the fear can be absolutely paralyzing. They destroy everything in their path (Yes, even super wealthy, powerful and successful people) and the thought of them alone is terrifying to most.

Another definition for crisis when speaking in literary terms is: the decisive moment.

That’s where I come in. SMALIK Enterprises has a specialized advisory firm that are experts in diffusing, managing and resolving crisis. Traumatic crisis is a reaction to an event(s) that threatens the essential aspects of life. When this occurs, most are left feeling paralyzed, helpless, panicked, emotionally numb, lost, are unable to focus or concentrate and have very little hope. In such a state, it’s nearly impossible to effectively and efficiently deal with crisis.

In the decisive moment in which you choose to seek global crisis expertise averting disaster, my team of highly trained and skilled professionals and I will immediately step in and assess, takeover, manage, and in most cases remedy and reconcile the crisis you’re facing. We’re intimately aware that dealing with crisis is painful and laborious while also understanding that our clients do not have the energy, time, resources, level of emotional investment or skill set necessary to deal with a crisis head on. Therefore, it’s our job to take over ALL of the overwhelming components of the crisis and serve, mediate and negotiate on your behalf. With our highly skilled teams and effective strategies, we’ve been able to save our clients millions upon millions of dollars and protect them from the insurmountable stress that crisis brings. We enable them to stay employed, preserve their peace of mind, navigate a painfully expensive divorce, avoid serious criminal prosecution as well as prison time, save their marriage and family, repair their reputation, and most importantly allow them to recapture their lives and move past the crisis with minimal damage in the process.

The bottom line is we are subject matter experts that carefully architect your perfect solution. 

Who do we help?

High Wealth / Net Worth Individuals
Anyone requiring crisis expertise, support or navigation

• Turnaround & Crisis Management
• Litigation (Criminal / Personal)
• High Conflict Business Disputes
• High Conflict Family / Trust Disputes
• High Conflict Relationship Disputes
• High Net Worth / Asset Divorce
• Asset Protection
• Asset Alignment
• Asset Tracing
• Digital Forensics
• Forensic Accounting
• Cyber Security & Data Protection
• Family Law
• Police, Tax, and Other Investigations
• IRS & Tax Issues
• Share Distribution Disputes
• Legal Claims Against You or Your Business
• Property Disputes
• Private Investigations
• Reputation Repair & Management
• Employment Issues
• Executive & Organizational Disputes
• Private Surveillance
• Executive & Organizational Dysfunction

Why trust SME?

Stephynie is an expert mediator and negotiator with a global track record of facilitating powerful and strategic interventions for carefully screened and selected high caliber professionals with personal, commercial, business and other legal challenges in which previous attempts to remedy an existing situation have broken down. She’s a highly skilled, intuitive and results oriented solution architect who among others helps professionals who find themselves stuck in their personal and professional lives due to previous errors in judgement and circumstance. She has both a strong reputation for saving her clients valuable time and money while also affording them an opportunity to rebuild their lives and regain their peace of mind. We quickly stabilize your crisis getting you optimal outcomes with proven & measurable results.