Running a business is hard. Running a successful business is even harder and sustaining success is the hardest of them all. Unless one has unlimited capital, failed business plans, the inability to execute and wrong decisions can end up costing new and existing businesses precious time and money. SME has composed a world class team of former presidents, CEOs and executives to help our clients not only navigate through the uncharted waters business owners face today, but do so with proven strategies and systems custom tailored to your company’s goals and objectives to ensure your success.

Our team has founded, led, managed and sold multi-million dollar global businesses and are versed in the ins and outs of running a strong business today. We intimately understand the importance of planning, design, strategies and most importantly, the execution of those strategies. With our proven track of success and elite strategies, we’ll eliminate the guesswork within your company and allow you to focus on taking it to the highest level.

Whether you are an already thriving business that believes it can do more, a failing business, a business facing a pivotal time or are looking for an exit strategy, we can help!

• Business Performance Improvement
• Strategic Roadmaps & Execution
• Scale & Optimization
• Employee Engagement
• Business Model Change
• Top Talent Acquisition & Succession
• Enterprise Program Management
• Customer Strategy & Marketing
• Operational & Proess Excellence
• Sustainability
• Merger & Acquisition
• Managed & Professional Services
• Change Management
• Go to Market Strategies
• Agile Transformation