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Stephynie Malik Awaken Your Inner CEO

Awaken Your inner ceo

The course designed to Launch High Achievers into Maximum Success with their Passion-Driven Business in 6 months! And who doesn’t love a retreat?!

Stephynie Malik TheStoicEQ


Executive coaching designed to help transform your thinking, mindset, approach, & execution to effectively achieve ultimate success.

Stephynie Malik ChiqueSpeak


With our Entrepreneurial Intensive uncover your personal strengths & learn to use them in life & business to take control of your future & happiness.

Dr. Surina Mazzola, Blackhawk Family Development Center

Dr. SURINA MAZZOLA,Blackhawk Family Development Center

“I hired Stephynie Malik to restructure my current business when it was in the midst of transitioning from a small startup. We had big aspirations and relatively few resources. She approached every aspect of our work together with detailed focus and care. In doing so, she was able to present me with a plethora of options that felt authentic and appropriately ambitious! She took big ideas and transformed them into actionable items with measurable outcomes. In the first three months of working with her, we were able to increase our revenue by 30%! Ms. Malik's contributions to my company have been and continue to be invaluable! She has the capacity to bring the business as a whole as well as the individuals within the business to their fullest potential while maintaining an air of creativity and compassion.”