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“Stephynie Malik sets herself apart by being an empathetic, genuine leader who really cares about her client’s outcomes. She can make everyone feel like the most significant client and that you are on 'speed dial' for the next opportunity. She is a skilled professional and always delivers beyond expectations. Her ability to understand any challenge that may cause exposure to myself or my team is impeccable.

My belief, after years of working with Stephynie, is that if she can’t resource my program, then no one can. However, she comes through every time. I will continue to utilize Stephynie and her team for any of my Executive needs.”

Mike Schuman, Transformational leader


“Stephynie and her team consistently deliver creative, aggressive, and timely options to the challenges I present them. Her approach is unique within her market, and the differentiation shows. They consistently add value, and push for innovative solutions where appropriate, while always ‘answering the mail’ on any request.

Year after year Stephynie and her team are available and present for all transformational needs for both myself and my team.”

JOHN SEMMER, managing director at accenture


"Stephynie is exceptional at modeling the behaviors critical to effective executive presence and providing the necessary coaching to help me achieve the same.  She provided me strategic and political context to help me navigate critical situations in my own work environment during a critical time leading a large program.  Her perspectives always helped me address issues quickly and achieve my organization's goals.  

Stephynie is a 'speed collaborator' who can easily identify the right stakeholders essential to achieving our organization's goals and helping leaders grow." 

DARBY BRENNAN, Senior director at kaiser permanente


"Stephynie is a very creative, high energy executive who is great at inspiring a team to action and delivery. Stephynie has a truly unique ability to 'speak the truth' in a way that can be heard...even by people who don't want to hear it. I could always rely on her to find a solution while everyone else was stuck restating the problem...definitely a great capability to have around. I have referred her to other executives over the years and will continue to do so.

If delivery and integrity is what you are looking for, then you have your leader." 

Eric Lane, CEO & Founder at Retirement v2.0


"Stephynie is an authentic and passionate business partner with deep transformational experience. She exhibits the highest level of integrity, communicates openly and is a decisive problem solver. Stephynie's business acumen and entrepreneurship are at the heart of her success, as are her ability to anticipate client needs, assemble the right team and deliver on time.

She is always available for both her clients and her team and I have no hesitation in recommending her!" 

Desmond Bell, president & coo at nanophyll, inc