"I worked very closely with Stephynie Malik during 3 of my 6 years at Accenture. Our interaction began when the Accenture Project Director had a tall task of staffing 50 new resources in 30-45 days. Within 24 hours of our Project Director making the request, Stephynie herself was on the ground on our project getting an understanding of the ask of her.

As a leader on the PMO team at the time, I was tasked with working directly with Stephynie to coordinate this ramp effort at the required velocity.  We put a process in place, and Stephynie and I corresponded daily, often hourly, in regards to the status of the ramp up. At the time, being more junior in my career, I took note of her relentlessness. Stephynie embodied this challenge as if it were her own responsibility to meet this huge ramp effort in such a short period of time. It is one of the rare times in working with vendors that I have seen my level of intensity and pursuit of a task, matched, if not exceeded, by my counterpart.

Now that I have progressed in my career and am in a Practice Director position, my perspective on this experience has evolved. Not only was Stephynie relentless, but also creative as a leader in finding a way to make the undertaking a mutually beneficial prospect for both sides financially. In addition, Stephynie had the ability to not only garner the immediate respect of very senior Accenture leaders, but also had an uncanny ability to manage them in a manner that would drive to the ultimate goal of the Program Director.

Were it not for her efforts on this program, the program itself would have failed to satisfy its recovery plan and would have undoubtedly put the entire program at risk.

Hopefully this real life example illustrates the character, determination to succeed, and resolve of Stephynie. I am positive this will be a second successful business Stephynie builds from the ground up and wholeheartedly support this endeavor!"

— ROHAN BATRA, Practice Director at ZuoraLinkedIn