"I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephynie and her firm for about 10 years, and have always been impressed by her talents and her personality.  It is not hard to imagine that she built a company from the ground up once you get to know her!

I have interacted with literally dozens firms and other consulting firms looking to 'partner' in my 30 years as a consultant.  I find that this offer to 'work together' is almost always an inquiry as to whether or not I have any easy leads for the prospective partner.  Often I am pestered for someone who wants to meet with me monthly, review my pipeline and client list, etc.  They were rarely offering up new leads to me!

Stephynie and her Executive team operated completely differently.  Frankly I am not sure why she put up with me for 10 years!  We only did a very small amount of work together, and many of the leads or pleas for help that I sent her way turned out to be far more trouble than they were worth (to Malikco).  Yet she was always responsive.  Always picked up the phone personally.  Was always very forthright about what could work and what would work, and more importantly what would not.  We talked at length about the big things we could do together, and I only wish I was empowered to make partnering decisions more broadly myself, because there is no doubt in my mind that if we had worked more closely together, Malikco would have made my practice bigger and stronger and more successful.

Personally I enjoy Stephynie’s company, drive, humor, and candor.  I consider her a friend and I could not possible recommend her or her talents any more highly.  I would wish her luck in her new endeavor, but she doesn’t need it.  She makes her own luck, as all talented and driven leaders do."

— JOHN SEMMER, Managing Director at Accenture LinkedIn