"I have known Ms. Malik for the last 5 years, and I have been witness to her devotion to her family all the while being a leader in the tech world which is evident by her many awards. Ms. Malik' ability to navigate through the  tech world has allowed her to take a small boutique firm on a meteoric rise by transforming it into a global leader is quite impressive in itself. In a male dominated world of tech it is Ms. Malik' grace under fire and tenacity to do good work sets her apart which is evident by 17 years in business, and the litany of high profile labels on her roster.

I personally have over 15 years experience in the San Francisco Bay Area participating in and running many client engagements. I know the quality of person, and skill that  Ms. Malik possesses, and the vision she has with this new endeavor I know will be a success.

Ms. Malik has consistently displayed the ability to hit the ground running, developing a strong plan to solve the issues at hand is a hallmark of the strong set of intangibles that allows her to maintain strong working relationships with past clients, and provides strong recommendations for future clients. In my experience as a Professional Consultant having those skill sets are invaluable.

Ms. Malik is passionate, personable and caring all qualities that allows customer to have a level of confidence that a Ms. Malik  run project will get done not only within budget but on time.

On a personal note Ms. Malik is a valuable member of my professional circle. Ms. Malik has mentored myself on career goals, presentations, and direction on how to get to the next level.  Ms. Malik is caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable and driven. All the qualities one looks for in a mentor, and I am happy to call her friend."

— BRIAN BARNES, Revenue Compliance Manager at CallidusCloud LinkedIn