Why Million Dollar Ventures?


As the founder and CEO of my own consulting firm, I started being asked weekly by very successful executives and top performers globally, "Stephynie, what would it take for me to run my own successful venture? How could I scale it, and make it successful?"

I always start with questions. "What does success mean to you? What market are you hoping to serve? What ideas do you have?" I follow up adding, "Anyone looking at you from the outside in would call you 'highly successful', why do you all of the sudden want the change? How will you know when you have become successful?" They promptly agree, then ask me, "Yes, Stephynie, but at what cost?" Well, that is a much different question. Simply put, none of this was easy. To be completely transparent, I started with nothing. Just an idea, high integrity, and an insane amount of tenacity and hustle. I did it with little to no help at the beginning. I did it as a newly single Mother of an infant, with no family support and less than $1000.00 in my bank account. I had left a very lucrative job because I did not want to leave my child in the care of a nanny for hours upon hours. I did not want to attend every happy hour that my boss deemed necessary for me to attend and lastly, I did not want someone else dictating or limiting my financial future. I had a baby to raise, and with my luck, she would want to attend Harvard!

These Executives had finally gotten to the burnout, they were tired of the toll that “corporate success” was taking on their lives. They no longer cared about their pension or their 401k. They had seen their peer group be laid off, or pushed out. They were either in fear or were just purely exhausted with the corporate bureaucracy. They all had the same goal of wanting to work less, make more and at the end of the day be their own boss. The only problem was, they didn’t know how to do it and/or feared that it wasn’t achievable given all of the financial responsibilities they faced and their corporate job funded. Slowly, and without a conscious knowledge, I started coaching individuals through the process. Why did they truly want to start their own venture? What were their ideas for a new venture? Who and how would they sell? How did they feel about serving the needs of others? What was the business/venture based on? Was it a service? A product? How did they know the market had a demand? After about 30-40 more questions, less than 10% decided to make the jump to being in charge of their life, their freedom and their wealth... and guess what? ALL of the 10% are successful and have either sold their venture for an insane amount of wealth or are living a very comfortable life on their own terms.

I am very particular and specific about who I work with. I ONLY work with High Performers, with an insane amount of drive, who want to serve their clients with the highest amount of integrity and deliver world-class service. My main mission is their success and transformation. I do NOT accept any whiners, victims or information seekers. I do not work with low-level moral characters, and I vehemently reject liars as well as lazy excuse driven individuals. I do not want to waste your time, but I damn sure WON'T waste mine.