Investing In Training Versus Making A Profit

Investing In Training Versus Making A Profit: A Yin And Yang Business Solution

Two topics that are getting a lot of attention in the business world today are the need to improve employee engagement and the need to improve organizational culture. Both come with costs that are virtually incalculable and negatively impact the satisfaction and retention of customers, your profitability, and your brand’s reputation.

The data is also quite clear in identifying one of the root causes of the problem.

While I have heard it said by many people in many ways, the bottom line is a simple one: People leave managers, not companies. In particular, they leave managers closest to the frontline where products are made and service and support are provided.

Your personal and organizational behaviors drive your personal and organizational results. The selection and training of your management team should be treated as a critical strategic initiative.

In Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang is a concept that is said to describe how “seemingly opposite and contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world.”

Manager training is an investment that equips leaders with the knowledge and skills to train, coach, and develop others to maximize their ability to meet and exceed performance expectations. This is key to growth and profitability. However, training is often viewed by many senior leaders as a financial liability or an unnecessary expense that negatively impacts profitability. As a result, their investment in their training budgets can range anywhere from minimal to nonexistent.

However, like yin and yang, training investment and profitability are clearly complementary, interconnected and interdependent.

The good news is your hiring and training processes are a significant part of the solution that will accelerate engagement and eliminate stress and fear in your workplace. Transform your manager hiring and training approach, and you transform your business results.

Please note, however, that spending alone doesn’t guarantee better results. If the goal of your manager training and development program is to equip managers with the attitudes, behaviors, and skills to connect with their team members, attention must be paid to the content you teach and the methods used to deliver it. …