20 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

20 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

  1. Think about someone you look up to who exemplifies confidence. Find ways to model their mannerisms & behavior — how they act, walk, talk, etc. 

  2. Smile more. No, I don’t mean plaster a silly grin on your face wherever you go.

  3. Don’t let the past hold you down. LEARN from it! It’s done and over with. Take that experience and grow.

  4. Treat yourself! You need to invest in yourself. Get some new clothes, get your hair done, take a spa day… You will feel renewed and give yourself an ego boost.

  5. Come prepared. Be sure you are prepared enough that you can handle any challenges that may arise with confidence.

  6. You have strengths — Use them! Have a good understanding of what you excel at and tackle opportunities that utilize these skills.

  7. Along with strengths come weaknesses. It’s okay! We all have some. What’s important is knowing what they are and putting a plan in place to improve them.

  8. Learn to say NO! Don’t be afraid. You do not have to agree to every single thing to appease others. 

  9. Stay positive. Keep a mindset of “can do” versus “can’t do” and you will accomplish more than you thought possible.

  10. Be in charge of your thoughts. It’s up to you to avoid negative thoughts and change everything round to be positive and productive.

  11. STOP. THINK. Are these negative thoughts truly important in the grand scheme of things? More often than not they absolutely are not.

  12. Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Change the way you think about what others say about you and others will have less control over you. 

  13. Write down a list of the words you use consistently when you feel down or annoyed. Some words can have more of an affect on your confidence, i.e instead of saying you are “enraged”, say you’re “annoyed”. It lowers the intensity of the situation while increasing your confidence.

  14. List out your accomplishments from each day before bed. This will end your day on a more encouraging and positive note.

  15. Be appreciative. Take time to sit and just think over how thankful you are for things in your life right now.

  16. Start your day off with positivity and visualize success. What do the events of the day look like for you and how are you going to approach them?

  17. Body language is key! Walk with your head up and shoulders back to convey your newfound sense of confidence. It’s amazing what a change in stance can do for your confidence level. 

  18. Emotion is created by motion — Get up and get moving! Getting that movement in your body creates energy and gets your blood pumping. You’ll feel much better and more confident.

  19. It’s absolutely okay to brag about yourself! Take pride in your achievements and success.

  20. You only live once. If you’re ever down, sit and ask yourself if in 10–20 years time, will what I am worrying about truly matter?