"Stephynie Malik sets herself apart by being an empathetic, genuine leader who really cares about her client’s outcomes. She can make everyone feel like the most significant client and that you are on 'speed dial' for the next opportunity. My belief, after years of working with Stephynie, is that if she can’t resource my program, then no one can. However, she comes through every time."

— MIKE SCHUMAN, Transformational Leader LinkedIn


"... Now that I have progressed in my career and am in a Practice Director position, my perspective on this experience has evolved. Not only was Stephynie relentless, but also creative as a leader in finding a way to make the undertaking a mutually beneficial prospect for both sides financially. In addition, Stephynie had the ability to not only garner the immediate respect of very senior Accenture leaders, but also had an uncanny ability to manage them in a manner that would drive to the ultimate goal of the Program Director..."

— ROHAN BATRA, Practice Director at Zuora LinkedIn


“Stephynie sourced several individuals for me at my last firm. She took the time to understand the details of my client and the project, and worked to find the best candidates not just from a skills perspective but also from a culture fit. She would follow up afterwards to make sure they were the right match and was incredibly responsive. Overall just one of those people that 'gets things done' and is a pleasure to work with.”

— BRIGID TABOUR, Principal at EY LinkedIn


"...Stephynie has a unique way of understanding and framing issues and solutions. It’s clear that her hugely impressive background and network has been a source of challenge and reward for her. The way she leveraged all of that for my benefit and support in a totally selfless way makes her a genuine coach and mentor that i look forward to building my relationship with..."

— JAVID KHAN, Transformational Leader LinkedIn


"...Personally I enjoy Stephynie’s company, drive, humor, and candor.  I consider her a friend and I could not possible recommend her or her talents any more highly.  I would wish her luck in her new endeavor, but she doesn’t need it.  She makes her own luck, as all talented and driven leaders do..."

— JOHN SEMMER, Managing Director at Accenture LinkedIn