Fresh on the heels of a 25+ year successful career in which she was an award-winning CEO of a global consulting firm for over a decade, a serial entrepreneur that spearheaded multi-million dollar acquisitions and mergers while working with more than 11 start-ups globally, and a business transformation and crisis specialist, Stephynie Malik formed SMALIK Enterprises with one single goal in mind — to help others and promote change through her proven strategies and methodologies. 

Stephynie founded SME with the same intention she had in mind when she started her first company MalikCo, a highly successful global technology consulting firm. The goal is to build a customer centric business consulting, executive coaching and crisis management services organization that changes the industry’s business model for service delivery and creating sustainable improvements to individual or organizational performance, productivity, and profitability.

Hailed as an expert negotiator and skilled crisis management consultant in the industry, Stephynie is helping top-notch athletes, executives and businesses take their careers and organizations to the next level while also resolving high conflict and crisis cases for individuals and companies globally.

In addition to bringing her wealth of knowledge, undeniable experience and proven track record of success to SMALIK Enterprises, she has also established a team of world class experts to ensure SME delivers the highest level of service and results to its clients globally.

“The difference between success and failure is the willingness to quit — and that's something I've never done.” — Stephynie Malik

Stephynie Malik Experience


"Stephynie Malik routinely engages her clients, team members, and partners in an empathetic, insightful, and impactful manner. She is competent and prepared to get beyond the What? to the So What? and the Now What? with pace and certainty. She does this in an active style that is complementary with that of her audience, helping them engage and elevate in return. Stephynie has been a pleasure to work with and a true partner in driving results."

JADE RODYSILL, Principal at Ernst & Young