Interview With Stephynie Malik Founder Of Chique Speak

Interview With Stephynie Malik Founder Of Chique Speak

Today we interview Stephynie Malik the Founder of Chique Speak. Now, she turns her focus to guiding high performers to achieve deep transformation and high levels of success.

As the founder and driving force behind MalikCo, Stephynie Malik brings over two decades of dynamic IT consulting experience to her role as President and Chief Executive Officer. Her creative vision and businesses acumen have been instrumental in building the highly regarded, global business that is MalikCo today.

Q.1 Hi Stephynie, thanks for sharing a little bit about you with our readers today! I’m glad to have connected with you. Tell me about your background and how you ended up in Chique Speak.

Sure, I started Chique Speak based on demand from my current global clients. In working with these clients for years, you develop close relationships that are truly priceless. I was getting asked by Executives from Accenture, EY, Disney, American Express, PG&E as well as several technology firms on just how I started my companies, and what made them so successful, and how they could emulate what I had done. I spent hours on the phone, or emails and even in person going through their ideas, providing clarity, expanding their thinking on marketplace, target audiences, demand etc. Over the last few years, so many of these executives, took my advice, and they left their 9-5 jobs and started wildly successful businesses. They turned into high-powered Entrepreneurs, and got the financial freedom they had hoped for.

Essentially, I have taken my 25 years +in global consulting and I have turned it from technology consulting into Human Consulting. There has been an overwhelming demand for our courses, and the greatest thing is I provide 1/1 intensives throughout the courses. As we provide these services, we realized that we were leaving out a large group of under served individuals. So, we developed 3 select programs for Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, and Managing Directors that needed a little more guidance in these ever changing competitive industries. What we have found is within this subset of these specific executives their largest pain points have been negotiating large salary packages more inline with their true worth, defining their ideal client/patient, or possibly packaging themselves for a promotion, or even realigning their skill sets to tackle another industry or position. We solve all of these nuances while developing a future success strategy roadmap for our clients.

Interview With Stephynie Malik, Strategist And Entrepreneur Coach & Chiquespeak’s Ceo

Interview With Stephynie Malik, Strategist And Entrepreneur Coach & Chiquespeak’s Ceo

"1) Hello Stephynie, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
Sure, I would love to. I am excited to be here discussing Chique Speak. I founded to align with my true passion for serving others. Through my career I have been asked by many High Performers how I was able to show up and serve, with grace and an immiscible attitude, considering everything I had been through in my life. The answer was, a positive attitude, great determination, an insane amount of tenacity and no Plan B. When you have other options, there IS option for failure!

I was fully emancipated at the age of 15 years old. My Mother had severe, untreated mental illness. My Father drowned when I was a baby. I was truly on my own even before I was 15 years old. From there, with clearly little to no guidance, I chose the wrong husband! I became a single Mother at 23 years old, and since I chose the wrong husband, my family was less than happy with me! (smile) so, I didn’t get a lot of support there. I WAS MY OWN support system, and my daughters too. After working my ass off at several sales/ business development positions, the requirements became more strenuous… travel, business dinner, late-night brainstorming etc. I was sick of either bringing my daughter into the office or leaving her in childcare. This was no longer an option for me. So I decided I had to create a business, that would prevail at all costs. The business needed to somehow align with something the world needed, and my expertise. From there, I started MalikCo, LLC. In a little under a year, MalikCo became a Global Consulting Firm with clients such as American Express, Toyota, Oracle, Accenture, Deloitte, Nike to name a few. I successfully ran the firm for nearly 16 years, and I still remain involved as Chairman and Advisor.

2) What are your focus areas and why?
We currently run 3 lines of business:
1- Entrepreneurship Coaching, which teaches High Performers, and former Executives how to develop and launch they’re own 6 figure business they are truly passionate about, once again, aligning with their talents and expertise, while serving their specific, and targeted audience (which we help you define). We teach our clients a step by step system, as well as guide them through a roadmap and methodology on how to build a successful business doing what they love, giving them the freedom they have craved. There is no stone unturned in this program.

2- We coach Executives how to realign with their careers. Maybe negotiate the salary package they are worth, be top of mind for a promotion they have been passed up for, remaining relevant through Brand or skills or possibly re-connect with their teams for better performance. Really this is a tailored approach depending on the need of our Executive client.

3rd- MDV (Million Dollar+ Ventures) This is a Highly Select program, not offered to the public. There is an extensive application process to go through to be accepted into the program. We have to be assured you have the skillset to build a Million Dollar+ Venture. This has been so exciting to watch Executives I have known for years leave their cushy senior level position, trade in their badge and their reserved parking spot for more time with their kids and families and actually start to develop hobbies that were on the back burner for so long. Just to hear their voice and feel their energy is more than I could ever dream of. So far, this has been the largest impact on our business."