ChiqueSpeak Intensives

What would be possible if your days and nights were aligned with what was most important to you? 

Imagine what you could accomplish at work if you weren't worried about failing your friends and family...

Imagine how you could show up for your friends and family if you weren't worried about how you're doing at work... 

Imagine the level of success you could have if your personal life and your career were perfectly balanced...

Imagine what you could do if you were aligned for action! 

Too many high performers like you waste their precious time and energy on things that don't matter. With so many demands, you struggle to keep up with everything. You know you can't do it all, but you can't figure out how to prioritize what matters most. 

You need help — and that's exactly what I do. 

I help my clients learn how to wake up each day in a meaningful state, ready to tackle everything that comes their way. When you are aligned, you can act with purpose and create value in everything you do. 

When you are aligned, there's nothing that can stop you. 

We start with a detailed client interview where we go over your priorities, desired outcomes, and ultimate goals. Of course, those will vary depending on if you are an entrepreneur or an executive. 

So tell me — who are you?




Stephynie Malik, CEO & Founder

I’m Stephynie Malik, founder and CEO of ChiqueSpeak.

I don’t just talk the talk – I’ve WALKED the WALK. I was one of the youngest Directors in Silicon Valley, the CEO of a 500+ person software integrator at the age of 28, and the founder of of Global IT consulting firm at 32.

I’ve been where you are – and where you want to be. I’ve spearheaded multi-million dollar acquisitions, closed global deals, and made my companies hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. I’ve seen firsthand how these deals work – and how this kind of lifestyle affects people.

I launched ChiqueSpeak to help people like YOU be successful in all areas of your life. (Spoiler alert: the key is NEVER PLAYING SMALL) I’ve already received hundreds of applications from executives and entrepreneurs all over the world ready to work with me because of my proven methods and strategies – are you next?

Stephynie Malik Intensives Testimonial

"Ms. Malik has a rare blend of astute assessment, transparent feedback and an interpersonal connectivity imbued with genuine warmth, empathy and humor. She can quickly assess a dynamic, identify feasible solutions and deliver feedback with insight and compassion."

Dr. Surina Mazzola, Clinical Psychologist and President at Blackhawk Family Development Center

Jade Rodysill ChiqueSpeak Testimonial

"Stephynie Malik routinely engages her clients, team members, and partners in an empathetic, insightful, and impactful manner. She is competent and prepared to get beyond the What? to the So What? and the Now What? with pace and certainty. She does this in an active style that is complementary with that of her audience, helping them engage and elevate in return. Stephynie has been a pleasure to work with and a true partner in driving results."

Jade Rodysill, Principal at Ernst & Young