Land of the Lost: The Fight Against Ageism

While tech giants spend millions campaigning their efforts around gender and race diversity, they refuse to release demographics on the average age of their workforce and offer very little in terms of internal support and new skill training for older workers. In addition, you rarely hear about the growing number of lawsuits and complaints against these companies in recent years suggesting severe degrees of age discrimination, but they are plentiful and on the rise from the dinosaurs who are choosing to fight extinction.

Performance Coaching: Tom Brady's Formula for Success

In the event you’ve been living under a rock, this Sunday marks the 52nd Super Bowl featuring none other than Tom Freaking Brady (Again!). Nolan Ryan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Gordie Howe, Jerry Rice, Randy Johnson, and just a handful of others all played past 40 with notable degrees of success, but things like: their position, surrounding cast, what era they were playing the game in, and how many steps they had lost have always been debated. Tom Brady who recently turned 40 is somehow left out of such debates and many are arguing he’s at the top of his game.

My New BFF

Just 15 days into the New Year and I’m already in conflict! Well, maybe conflict is too strong of a word, so we’ll just say that two of my New Year’s resolutions are forcing me to choose. You see, one resolution that I committed to this year was focusing more on the friendships that I have and the enrichment of them. So often, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to keep up resulting in friend interaction that isn’t at the depth that it should be, or even worse, we become too busy and simple don’t make the time for the friends we have. .... The other resolution was to commit to being more productive and surrounding myself with tools and strategies that would increase my productivity and enhance my wellness. So how do these seemingly good resolutions collide you ask? Insert Alexa!

Why Million Dollar Ventures?

As the founder and CEO of my own consulting firm, I started being asked weekly by very successful executives and top performers globally, "Stephynie, what would it take for me to run my own successful venture? How could I scale it, and make it successful?"I always start with questions. "What does success mean to you? What market are you hoping to serve? What ideas do you have?" I follow up adding, "Anyone looking at you from the outside in would call you 'highly successful', why do you all of the sudden want the change? How will you know when you have become successful?" They promptly agree, then ask me, "Yes, Stephynie, but at what cost?" Well, that is a much different question.