Past & Present Clientele

Keith Ketcher

“I worked with Stephynie over a two year period when delivering a large, high-profile project. I was immediately impressed with Stephynie and she provided meaningful references for me to follow up with. (Her references provided the highest recommendations for her.) As we engaged, she consistently provided full and direct attention to my needs. She was forthright regarding what she could deliver and the timeframes in which it would occur. And she delivered precisely to her commitments.

Periodically over the course of our engagement, new needs would arise or potential problems would come to light. In every occurrence, Stephynie responded immediately and it was clear that I had her full attention and was her highest priority. I know she was running a large, global operation so I was impressed at the level of consideration I received. In each instance, Stephynie addressed my needs exactly as needed.

I will continue to seek opportunities to work again with Stephynie. She is a true professional and a joy to work with.”

KEITH KETCHER, Principal at Deloitte Digital