The right coach is the key to accelerating your entrepreneurial success.

You need a coach who understands exactly what you're going through — and someone who can show you how to avoid the mistakes they made so you can make quantum leaps in your business! 

I help clients get their mindset ready for success.

One of the biggest problems most entrepreneurs I work with face is transitioning from the corporate mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset.  

If you're coming from the corporate world, doing it all yourself can be a daunting task. My team uses the latest technology enabling us to leverage data and analytics to produce “actual” results for you. We have the tools and experience to uncover your inner strengths and teach you how to use them in your personal life and in your business. To grow and maintain a successful business, you have to learn how to behave like an entrepreneur.  

I help clients determine how to create and validate their ideas and offers.

We explore solutioning, or finding your sales style, and how finding YOUR style can radically change your business. My clients learn how to say NO when they need to, walking away from clients that weigh them down so they're free to take on their dream clients.  

I help clients build the business and the life they want.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to transform your life and your business. You'll revolutionize your thinking, approach, mindset and execution, and you'll be blown away by the effect it will have on your business.  

Talia Samuels


"From my initial conversation with Stephynie, I knew that she would be the right person to help me transform my business. She has continuously instilled confidence within me while providing me with tools and techniques that have transformed the way I do business. ChiqueSpeak changed the way I think about my business by providing me with a clear and concise path to reach and exceed my business goals. Stephynie and her team are dedicated, reliable, and genuine. Thanks to ChiqueSpeak, I am more confident in and invigorated about my business than ever before." 

TALIA SAMUELS  |  Founder at OutshinePR

Chris Beckworth, Director at PwC


"As a client, I can tell you Stephynie Malik is in a category of one. She brings tears of real, practical and applicable experience to helping me work through the toughest of challenges. When she coaches me through a difficult situation, she works tirelessly to first understand what the challenge is for me, then helps me to unravel other points of view. Finally, she leverages her understanding of how communication works best for me to tailor an action plan that’s always “in my words.” She knows how to help me navigate tough leadership situations while remaining authentic to my style and self." 

CHRIS BECKWORTH  |  Director at PwC

Are you ready to...

  • Cultivate a new mindset that will take you from living an ordinary life to a strong and successful entrepreneur? You see, it's incredibly difficult to build your own business when you're still reacting and thinking like an employee. Discover how to embrace the entrepreneur mindset and take intelligent and aligned action.

  • Develop a Sales Style specific to YOU — a style that is all your own? Your Sales Style will help your clients understand who you are what you offer within minutes of meeting you. As one of my clients discovered, owning your Style results in leads and clients who are excited to talk with you — to the point where you won't even need to sell them!

  • Evaluate your target audience and market, validate your business offerings, and protect yourself and your business legally? The truth about building a business is that you won't succeed if your idea is flawed. That's why I help every client make sure their business idea is viable and understand how to make it a reality — and how to fix the problem if you're already in business and struggling.

  • Answer the hard questions and face some tough realities? Growing a highly profitable business isn't easy, and you may have to make some difficult decisions. Learning how to say no to bad clients, delegating some tasks that you don't want to let go of, and really planning for your eventual exit are just a few of the things my clients tackle while working with me.

  • Deal with your personal life, not just your business? Everything affects everything, and you need to determine what your priorities in life really are. Once you know what you truly value, you can focus your time and energy accordingly. And as my clients have discovered, once you're in alignment, everything seems to work better — in business, and in life.

  • Commit to excellence, today? You see, I believe success is the only option. My clients don't need a Plan B, because Plan A WILL work — if you are clear on your purpose, stay true to your values, and believe that you have what it takes. And if I'm willing to take you on, it's because you do have what it takes!


These two programs were created specifically for entrepreneurs like you. 

But the truth is, entrepreneurs are so unique that the program outlines are really just a starting point. We'll develop a custom plan that's right for you and your business using the program outline as a guide.  

Quick Start Entrepreneur Program

 This program typically lasts 1–3 months.
During that time, we'll focus on one outcome or goal.

This program includes: 

  • Detailed client intake session where we'll discuss your priorities, goals, desired outcomes, and support systems 

  • End of program summary of coaching work and assessment of future needs 

  • Deep Analysis of findings 

  • Five 1-hour in-person sessions

  • Pre-coaching self-assessment using the ChiqueSpeak communication and leadership questionnaire as well as other 360-degree assessments.  

  • Two hours of virtual coaching via phone, video call, or email

  • Custom homework assignments and feedback 

  • Follow-up call within one month of completion of coaching 

Intensive Entrepreneur Program

A typical Intensive program lasts 3–6 months and includes: 

  • Detailed client intake session where we'll discuss your priorities, goals, desired outcomes, and support systems

  • Pre-coaching self-assessment using the ChiqueSpeak communication and leadership questionnaire as well as other 360-degree assessments 

  • Deep Analysis of findings 

  • Six 1-hour in-person coaching sessions 

  • 12 hours of virtual coaching via phone, video call or email

  • Custom homework assignments and feedback 

  • Phone call to discuss synopsis, progress, and challenges

  • End of program summary of coaching work and assessment of future needs

  • Follow up phone call within two months of completion of coaching


Let's start creating your custom coaching plan today. 

I really don’t even know how to write this review without it being 15 pages. Stephynie is no BS! She doesn’t play around and is 100% present at all times. She anticipates with ease what’s next and calls out everything that doesn’t sound right or that I can’t articulate immediately. I was a client of Stephynie’s at her previous firm; She coached me there, but when I decided to go all in to my new business venture, she was my first phone call. She isn’t easy at all, but she is the best! When I was vetting other coaches, no one told me no. Everyone was happy and even excited to take my money. Stephynie told me no 3 times, giving me small homework assignments to do to get me ready. Even when I thought I was ready, I wasn’t. She will work so hard to get you and your business right. Stephynie is a master at providing solutions. She told me to stop trying to sell my clients, and instead of talking so much, she wanted me to stay quiet more then 80% of the time and listen. She said, “You really need to listen to understand, not to speak next.” Within 2 months we had figured out my ‘Sales Style’ and had created so much depth in my presence that my clients were actually excited to listen to me! They no longer dodged my calls and I no longer tried to sell them. I tried to create amazing solutions that would help them and followed their agenda instead of pushing mine. Finally, she had the most amazing advice for creating a board and looking for seed funding. ANYONE who gets an opportunity to work with her should! She helped me monetize everything I do, set priorities, and automate. Her team is the very best and their DFY services are world class.
— BRIAN BRADY, Chicago (Apparel & Design)
My first intensive — I have to say I was not prepared at all. With 8 hours scheduled, we started with an agenda of outcomes, but quickly Stephynie put them aside and said, “Why are we here? What do you really want? Will reaching all of these outcomes change your life?” She excused herself and said to me, “Think about it, I will be back in 20 minutes. Remember, I rarely ask a question I don’t already know the answer to.” When she came back, I think I was sitting there like a cat ate a canary. She said nothing at all except, “Are you ready to start again?” It was so honest and true... and real. She did more in 8 hours than any coach I have ever worked with! She reviewed all my homework faster than I ever expected, was honest and detailed. At the end of my program, she made 4 amazing introductions — one that turned out to net me $55k in 3 weeks! THANK YOU!!!!
I thought I had the most solid plan ever. I thought I really understood my ‘why’. Boy, was I wrong! One month with Stephynie and I felt like I did not even know myself at all. I felt completely like all my values and everything I had so called ‘stood for’ was fake and not real. She agreed and brought it all back to me chasing dollars and not dreams. I stopped immediately. For 3 months I have been aligned and for 3 months I have made money every month. This is the first time in 12 years that I haven’t faked being happy. 
— SCOTT MOREL, NYC (Mobile Barista)
If you get a chance to get coached by Stephynie Malik, or take one of her intensives I recommend doing it…BUT don’t show up lazy or unwilling to change. I had the most impactful year with her. I have launched four businesses and sold one in the last 12 months. I monthly thank the gentleman who introduced us. I have stolen her motto of ‘SHOW UP. SERVE . REPEAT!’. I am now starting a new business and will be first in line when her new courses or academy launch.
— DIANE LUTHER, Michigan (Import / Export)