Do you dream of becoming a rockstar entrepreneur — just like those you see absolutely KILLING IT online day-in and day-out with a client list that’s a mile long?! 

You may have...


✓ Read Business Books

✓ Done Other Courses

✓ Hired A Coach in the Past


But you’re STILL not bringing in those dream clients.

Something is just not working…

They tell you that ‘social media is ALL you need!

Well, I can tell you wholeheartedly that this is simply NOT ENOUGH!
To reach your MAXIMUM SUCCESS there are other aspects that need to be covered!

You may be thinking ‘Well, I already KNOW there is more to business than social media. I just don’t know what I’m missing. Why is it NOT working?!’

Before you pull your hair out while screaming “Where do I begin? What do I do next?!”

There’s a decision to be made…

Do you go back to your 9-5 where you were miserable, always wondering what could’ve been had you stuck to your dream?

Do you hope and pray for a simple answer and fix — a snap of the fingers to make your business magically increase in sales on its own?

Do you give up your dream, trading passion and enthusiasm for a boring desk job that has crushed every fiber of your being?



Take charge of your life now!

It’s time to grow your business and become an all-star entrepreneur to gain the freedom you deserve — freedom to make your own hours, to travel on your own schedule to breathtaking places you may have only dreamt of, to build & strengthen relationships with family and friends… the list goes on!

Trust me when I say...

You absolutely do NOT have to give up on your dreams!

Don’t let fear and stress control your future. Grab the reins! 

Stephynie Malik, Awaken Your Inner CEO, Executive & Transformational Coach

I’m Stephynie Malik…

and I’m here to tell you it is completely POSSIBLE! I’m 100% dedicated to helping you, the high achiever, say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm and hello to gratifying success and fulfillment!

“Why trust this lady?,” you ask. Well…

I’m an award-winning CEO who traded corporate life for giving back to those fresh into their entrepreneurial journey, who need that guiding hand leading them to maximum success.

I have 25+ years of experience, proven methodologies and networking under my belt. I’ve worked with top name brands such as Nike, American Express, United Airlines, Ernst & Young, American Girl, LinkedIn, Nordstrom, Delta Airlines, PG&E, and more! I have also been involved in 11 startups globally that have gone on to be successful!

Better yet — I have been where you are!

I started my first company Malikco with only $1,500, a laptop and 2 consultants and in our first quarter we billed 2.3 MILLION dollars! This was without Facebook, without LinkedIn — NO social media whatsoever! So imagine what we can do for your business with these tools at your disposal.

So believe me when I say…
I understand what you’re going through!

Stephynie Malik Awaken Your Inner CEO, Executive & Transformation Coach

One thing I did ( that I would never, ever change) is find myself a mentor.

Someone who had been where I was and could layout a roadmap and help me through the confusion and stress.

NOT JUST ANY MENTOR!!! Skip the noise!

If you do a coach/mentor search thousands come up!!

Find someone who…

✓ Speaks about their failures with ease, not just their successes.

✓ Anticipates your future, having already been there.

✓ Surrounds themselves with a rock solid team.

✓ Isn’t afraid to tell you NO, way more than YES.

✓ Makes you highly uncomfortable asking questions you hadn’t thought of.

Whether your business is…

Struggling and you feel like you can’t come up for air because you can’t even write yourself a paycheck!

Doing okay but it’s not at the level you dreamed and you wish you could maximize your profits and client base.

Doing amazing BUT you want to maximize your success and push your business even higher than you had ever dreamt!

I can help you!

Why did I trade in a sizable corporate salary and access to the corporate jet for coaching entrepreneurs?

Was flying private a blast? Yes! ✔

Was I making more money than my peer group? Yes! ✔

Was I an influencer and people listened to me? Yes! ✔

Was I tenacious and driven? Yes! ✔

Did I have the admiration of my bosses, family, and friends? Yes! ✔


Was I dying a slow death? Yes! ✔

Was I secretly exhausted and crying all of the time? Yes! ✔

Was I away from my kids WAY more than I wanted? Yes! ✔

Was I secretly embarrassed because I should have been more grateful? Yes! ✔

After all, I had weathered so many of Silicon Valley’s storms, and not only weathered them, but actually been actively recruited, promoted and offered insanely high packages during the worst times in economic history.

I asked myself, so what? And....

Was I making the kind of impact in people’s lives I knew I could? Uhhhh, NO!! ✗

Was I wildly happy? No! ✗

Was it worth it? No! ✗

Was I serving in a kind, integrity-driven spirit? No! ✗

Was I serving more than 1 client at a time? No! ✗

Was I aligned to my true purpose and creating a life that myself and my children would be proud of? No!!!!!!! ✗

So I started out on a new venture and boy, did I have a lot to learn!

Sure, I had spearheaded multi-million dollar acquisitions and pushed companies profits into 7 figures BUT running an online business is a whole new ballgame!

I’ve made mistakes along the way. I didn’t even know there was such thing as ‘Facebook etiquette’ for businesses. Big mistake #1. I hired a copywriter that I came across on Facebook without testing her out first and putting her through my typical method of hiring. Big mistake #2…

Facebook Etiquette
Yes, there is such a thing but being new to the online scene I wasn't aware and ended up committing a social media faus pas. I had started my business and set out to make an impression on the Facebook world. I joined the groups of like-minded individuals and started posting about my business, trying to get the word out. Yeah, that was a mistake. Just by asking them to join my group I ended up leaving a NEGATIVE IMPRESSION. I didn't mean any harm but since I was unaware of the etiquette I made a mistake.

Spent $50k listening to ALL OF THE NOISE!!!!
Believing fake references, listening to excuse after excuse...Why was online business so different then everything I had ever done!?!? How was there NO ACCOUNTABILITY?? How could I keep making the same mistakes!?!?!

For example, I had hired a copywriter who came "highly recommended" in a Facebook group, but guess what... She did NOT DEVELOP AMAZING CONTENT as she had promised! Period! And on top of that, the copy was absolutely FULL of mistakes — spelling, punctuation, name it. Next, there was a LinkedIn "Specialist" who I paid to help optimize my LinkedIn profile. Countless emails reaching out to him went unanswered. Members of my exec team looked into his work and he hadn't done much of anything AT ALL to optimize my profile as he was supposed to and then he started demanding MORE MONEY! What?!

Figuring out your online criteria on who you trust to help develop your business is a HARD process, but I've learned some tricks along the way. The trouble is people hide on social media. It is definitely not the same as hiring in person so developing a strong process for hiring top talent is a key to success in the online world.

Social media faux pas, taken for a ride by more than one "expert" (Copywriter, Facebook Ads Strategist, LinkedIn Specialist...), countless platform subscriptions I didn't actually need...

Don't make the mistakes I made!

Time, Money, Resources.... all went out the door! My 500 million in aquisitions meant Z E R O!!! What did I do? I took a step back and learned from my mistakes, hired an exec team comprised of top talent that share the same drive and vision as myself, and I re-evaluated my strategy.
Today I...
Stephynie Malik, Awaken Your Inner CEO, Executive & Transformational Coach

Have time for my 4 children and husband as well as strengthening relationships with my friends.

No longer have to get my vacation time approved. I can simply book according to my OWN schedule. Azores Islands? Yes, yes, and YES!

I have control of my time and how it is spent. No longer worrying about who is going to get my son to Lacrosse practice or if I’m going to have to miss his games. No more wondering when I am going to get my daily workout in. Scheduling doctor appointments? Easy!

Can spend the day working from the comfort of my own home in my comfiest clothes.

Can enjoy a romantic weekend away with my love without having to feel guilty about not being completely accessible to my boss.

This can ALL be possible for you! And I’m here to help it happen!  You are totally, 100% WORTH IT!

You deserve to feel...

Excited to get out of bed in the morning and fire up the laptop.

Enthusiastic about making an impact on those around you.

Energized by the thought of growing your business to levels beyond your wildest dreams 

Talia Samuels, Outshine PR


“From my initial conversation with Stephynie, I knew that she would be the right person to help me transform my business. She has continuously instilled confidence within me while providing me with tools and techniques that have transformed the way I do business. Stephynie Malik changed the way I think about my business by providing me with a clear and concise path to reach and exceed my business goals. Stephynie and her team are dedicated, reliable, and genuine. Thanks to Stephynie Malik, I am more confident in and invigorated about my business than ever before.”

There are a lot of high achieving entrepreneurs that try to handle everything All. By. Themselves.
Huge mistake!

What would have happened if the construction team for the Golden Gate Bridge threw out the blueprints laid out by Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss and said ‘let’s just wing it’? Would you drive on that bridge? No. But because they followed his design and ‘roadmap’, if you will, his experience allowed them to create what is now considered one of the Wonders of the World.

Even the most successful and well-known business moguls had help at some point on their journey. Most have stories about that mentor that changed their life and that they ‘couldn’t do without’.

Don’t make it harder on yourself by expecting to be able to tackle it all on your own. Doing it alone leads to overwhelm and confusion, which then leads to thoughts like…

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?”

“I should count my losses and go back to my 9–5.”

“I have NO idea what the hell I am doing and I should give up.”

“I will never be as successful as so-and-so.”

Never, EVER give in to these thoughts! That’s what keeps you from achieving your full potential and making a difference in the world.

Don’t waste any more time and resources. I’ve done that myself. Learn from my mistake!

Take my word for it!

It's time to...

Awaken Your Inner CEO

Dr. Surina Mazzola, Blackhawk Family Development Center


“I hired Stephynie Malik to restructure my current business when it was in the midst of transitioning from a small startup. We had big aspirations and relatively few resources. She approached every aspect of our work together with detailed focus and care. In doing so, she was able to present me with a plethora of options that felt authentic and appropriately ambitious! She took big ideas and transformed them into actionable items with measurable outcomes. In the first three months of working with her, we were able to increase our revenue by 30%! Ms. Malik's contributions to my company have been and continue to be invaluable! She has the capacity to bring the business as a whole as well as the individuals within the business to their fullest potential while maintaining an air of creativity and compassion.”

Awaken Your Inner Ceo

Our program designed to
Launch High Achievers toward Maximum Success with their Passion Driven Business
in 6 Months!

During this time with me, you will…


Increase your income and Gain confidence in yourself and your business.

Attract your ideal clients, effectively expanding your client base.

Learn to truly sell what you’re doing, customizing your style and making clients excited to buy from you!

Learn how to narrow down your niche and create quality personas.

Gain clarity on your brand & the driving force behind it.

Understand the basic structure of your business. (Taxes, licensing, etc)

develop a strong brand aesthetic to truly represent your passion.

master the art of communicating with your client base.

Learn how to effectively utilize social media and expand your reach.




Learn the importance of a website and how it can best serve you.

learn how to create your own program or course.

Discover the world of CRMs and how to optimize client relations.

have total understanding of funding and what the best route is for you.

Discover client relation practices to provide world class service.


Our Awaken Your Inner CEO program is a blend of an online course and individual / group coaching.

The Retreat

Yes, I said it! A retreat! We whisk you away to an exotic location full of relaxation and sessions focused on your business growth.

Here is what I have learned — launching is easy!! Tweaking, fine tuning, troubleshooting... IS NOT! We have created an amazing retreat! We use the hotseat method — we put you on the hotseat and ask you questions about your business to help find other areas where you can increase your growth. Oh, and did I mention we switch roles? You put ME on the hotseat and fire those questions that have been gnawing at you for me to answer.

I don’t want it to be just anothe retreat!! We will look at every single aspect of you and your business — every single thing — and tell them what to tweak, revise, etc to get them to a life where they are creating a legacy!!! This retreat not only features me but also my exec team of experts to delve even deeper into your business and expand on topics discussed in the modules. We go over everything from licensing to funding, websites / branding to Facebook ads…

Our Online Curriculum

Once you join Awaken Your Inner CEO you will instantly gain access to our online course which includes 8 Workbook PDFs, downloadable worksheets, videos created by myself and my exec team, and our private Facebook community.

You gain access to my exec team which includes our Brand and Operations Expert, Facebook & Marketing Expert, and Course Creation Expert.

My team and I will support you along the way with 1:1 Coaching Calls, Group Coaching Calls, Q&A Sessions, email support, and content reviews. I have compiled swipe files for your use including client outreach letters, interview questions for hiring top talent, Welcome Packet, Agreements and more!

Live Group Coaching

★ WEEKLY group coaching calls with me featuring members of my exec team of experts.
★ Access to the Private Facebook group where you can interact with other members as well as me and my exec team.
★ Networking opportunities.

1:1 Private Coaching

★ SIX 1:1 Coaching Calls with me and my exec team.
★ Email support from me and my exec team.
★ Reviews by my exec team and myself. We will review your website, ad copy, social media content, etc.


★ Lifetime access to the membership site where all content and recorded group session calls will be uploaded for later review.

Awaken Your Inner CEO

and you will receive...

Live group coaching

We will have weekly group calls where you will have access to me and experts from my exec team to discuss topics related to the growth of your business and so that you may ask questions.


1:1 coaching sessions 

You will receive SIX coaching calls with me and my exec team to really delve into your business, strategize, and problem solve so you can reach YOUR maximum success.


Expert Reviews

My exec team will review your content on social media, your website, Facebook ads, branding, etc and help you assess your current situation and see how it can be pushed to better engage your audience.


Online Course

Our online course contains 8 workable pdf module lessons, worksheets to get the thoughts flowing, and videos from myself and my team. We will also record and upload group coaching calls and Q&A sessions.


Resources at your fingertips

I have compiled swipe files for your use including letters to potential clients and requests for referrals. You will also have access to my MUST-READ book list, technology toolbox, and more!



You will have access for LIFE! You will be able to go back and review the content as necessary. You will also be added to our online community of high achievers like yourself.

Keshani Kay

KEShani Kay

Access to World Class Experts

& exotic Business growth retreat

In addition to the content in our online curriculum we host a retreat featuring me and my exec team of experts to delve even deeper into your business and expand on topics discussed in the modules. We set out to a relaxing, exotic destination and spend a few days going over everything from licensing to funding, websites / branding to Facebook ads…


($5,000 value)

Brita Johnson, Director of Brand & Operations

BRITA JOHNSON, Director of Brand & Operations

Brita will help you fine tune your brand and ensure it connects with your ideal clients and attracts quality leads. She will also guide you through the website process — determining if you need one, which platform to use, and the design process.

It is crucial that you utilize the proper platforms for handling clients, bringing in leads, and representing your business. She will help you find the right ones for YOUR needs. Client connection and world class service are KEY! Brita can provide an assessment of your current practices and provide a streamlined and effective client handling process.



($5,000 value)

Richard Conduit, Facebook Ads Expert


Richard is a master of sales! He can take your brand and expand your exposure to the online community, reaching out to your dream clients and drawing them in! Richard can help you narrow down your niche and find your TRUE target audience.

Richard’s business strategy can build your trust with your potential and existing clients, promote growth and help reduce the stress and overwhelm of social media marketing. He will teach you the importance of Facebook ads, targeting the right audience and sales funnels.



($6,000 value)

Gain access to my proven methodologies for a successful launch! In my 25+ years of experience with startups, I’ve perfected these tried and true methods to take some of the stress and confusion away to guide you through the process.



($1,000 value)

We provide you with a blueprint for creating your own course — 1:1 Program, Group Program, or a blend of the two.



($797 value)

Having a webinar and completing your first few strategy sessions can be stressful. We want to help take the nervousness and anxiety away and replace it with pure confidence! We will provide you with a blueprint for the webinar and review the content. In addition, we will go over your script with you.


If you're here to

Awaken Your Inner CEO,

…then you must be 100% dedicated to your own success and freedom. We wholeheartedly want to see you achieve your MAXIMUM SUCCESS and reach your full potential!

To ensure you are truly a dedicated high achiever, Awaken Your Inner CEO is by application only.

Click the button below to schedule your first Strategy Session.

You're ready to AWAKEN YOUR INNER CEO if:

✓ You're tired of seeing others totally crushing it online and wishing it could be you.

✓ You're sick of not having control over your own time and having to get approval from others on how to spend it.

✓ You want to truly make a difference and share your passion with others and build that client base you've always dreamt of.

✓ You are tired of being stuck and miserable at a 9–5 that isn't fulfilling you and it's time you build your business driven by your passion.

✓ You know it's time to take control of your mindset and turn it around to focus on your own success, freedom, and happiness.

✓ You're ready to learn from the experts about how to attract quality leads and turn them into loyal clients so that you can wake up excited to work in the morning.

✓ You're absolutely fed up with not being able to dedicate the time to your family and friends that they deserve.

Sorry but you're not ready for maximum success if:

✓ You're lazy. Sorry, it just won't work. You have to 100%dedicated and put the time in. We can't do that part for you.

✓ You lack committment. You have to give yourself 100% to your own success. No plan B!

✓ You are afraid of puttign yourself out there. You don't want to have people see you or speak to your clients. No interaction is a big mistake and will hold you back from success.

✓ Money is the only thing in your sights. There HAS to be more. You need to create connections and want to make an impact.

✓ If you place the blame on others when it comes to you not achieving your success. You have to understand your role and learn from any mistakes, to grow not only your business but as a person.

✓ You don't want to learn from the experts.

✓ You don't believe in an online business and doubt there is any success to be had in this arena.

Awaken Your Inner C E O a program designed to Launch 100% Dedicated High Achievers into Maximum Success with their Passion Driven Business in 6 Months!

Awaken Your Inner CEO is currently by application only.

Book your free strategy session today to apply!